Rules to Qualify for the Asia Cup

  1. Requisites:
    In order to have a chance to qualify for the Asia Cup, players have to:
    a) Be a registered FootGolf Australia member with World Tour licence for 2019
    b) Play a minimum of 4 competitions (either AUS or State League Competitions) as a registered player (1.a) between 17 February and 7 September
  2. Ranking calculation
    As at 8 September, player's rankings will be calculated as the sum of their:

    a) Best 6 AUS100 Scores
    b) AUS250 Score
  3. Available spots:
    a) 14 Men (aged 18+)
    b) 5 Seniors (aged 46+)
    c) 5 Women (aged 18+)
  4. Qualifying
    a) Direct Qualification
    Players in each category (Men, Seniors, Women) meeting both requisites 1.a and 1.b by 7 September could qualify for the Asia Cup directly if they win Stage 6 | AUS250 at Jamberoo Golf Club (17 – 19 May).If the winner in any category does not meet the eligibility criteria, the best qualified player in the competition who meets both requisites will qualify for the Asia Cup directly
    b) Qualification by Ranking
    The remaining spots (13 Men, 4 Seniors and 4 Women) will be distributed across States based on the number of players meeting requisites 1.a and 1.b in each category by 7 September.Ranking points will be determined following 2.a and 2.b

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