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Governing body of the sport of FootGolf in Australia and the exclusive member of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG)

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Richmond Golf Club

Address: 34 Bourke Street, Richmond 2753 Bookings: Ph: (02) 4578 1739 E: W: Open for FootGolf Thu – Fri – Sat from 3pm 7 days a week by appointment only

Red Cliffs Golf Club

Address: 244 Twenty Second Street, Red Cliffs, VIC Ph: (03) 5024 1531 W: E: Open for FootGolf 7 days a week

Highlights of the 2016 Australian Open FootGolf

FootGolf in Numbers

Accredited FootGolf Courses in four states in Australia
months on average is the time it takes Golf Courses to get back the amount invested in setting up an Accredited FootGolf Course
percent of football (soccer) players are 44 years or younger
Football if the most popular sport among boys under 15 years of age. FootGolf bring younger people to Golf Courses