FootGolf skills workshop and on-course play for groups aged 8 - 16.

FootGolf is a fun sport combining football and golf where a football is kicked along the fairway into larger sized holes. It's great for all ages and a perfect way to wind down on a school holiday day or after school!

As part of our extension activities, FootGolf Australia and accredited FootGolf courses carry out FootGolf School Programs. FootGolf School Programs are customised to each age group, skill level and school needs.

FootGolf is great for families looking for an outdoor, non-contact activity for kids. A FootGolf 9-hole course is approximately 2 km long and can be completed in 45 mins.

In FootGolf, each player is their “own referee” independently managing their own score card noting down the number of kicks per hole. This instils in children and adults the concepts of accountability, integrity and honesty – cornerstone life principles!

The self-scoring aspect of FootGolf is a wonderful way to work on children’s numeracy and memory skills.

The program is structured as a series of 2 to 8 sessions (depending on the group):

  • Sessions can be tailored to be 45 min – 90 min long, depending on school or group’s needs.
  • Each session explores different aspects of the game (Kick-off, approach, putting) and teaches them techniques in a fun, engaging environment.
  • The program also incorporates numeracy (adding scores), comparing actual scores with pars, relating hole pars and distances
  • Individual and team competition formats are explored during the sessions

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